Adding Minors

Adding a Minor

If you are interested in adding a Minor, please note the requirements listed below: 

Students in the Bachelor of Arts (BAH) program will no longer require a 70% average in any minor for graduation purposes.  This was a Senate approved decision and is in place as of May 1, 2023. 

No action is needed; the noted minor average requirement will be removed from the student planning tool in webadvisor. 

BA degree students are permitted to declare a Minor from any degree program. Please be aware that some Minors require a high school math or science background. Some Minors may require the completion of additional prerequisites for you to access required courses. Any questions should be directed to the Faculty Advisor for the Minor. All Minors are listed in the “Specializations and Their Degrees” chart under the “Honours Program Minor” column. Note that BA students can declare Minors from all degree programs (unless specific restrictions are noted). 

Please visit our “Procedure for Changing or Adding a Specialization” page to review the procedure for changing or adding a Minor.


Here is a list of the available minors available. Minors are optional.