Academic Standing (Probation)

For a quick "cheat sheet" and chart explaining averages and academic standing, see:  Probationary Status 

Undergraduate Calendar and the Continuation of Study Requirements

What is my Academic Standing?

Your academic standing refers to your academic status. There are three types of academic standing: 

1. Eligible to continue
2. Academic Probation
3. Required to Withdraw

What does it mean to be Eligible to Continue?

  • Your cumulative average is 60% or higher
  • There is no semester average requirement for you to meet
  • You are eligible to continue your studies as usual
  • This is the academic standing you want to achieve

Note: To graduate with a BA general or honours degree, you must have a 60% cumulative average. Honours degree students must also earn a 70% average in their specialization courses.

What does it mean to be on Academic Probation?

  • Your cumulative average is between 50% and 60%
  • There is a semester average requirement for you to meet: you must earn a semester average of 60% or higher every semester until you pull your cumulative average up to 60%
    • If you earn a semester average that is less than 60% while you are on Academic Probation, your academic standing will change to "Required to Withdraw"
  • You will remain on Academic Probation until your cumulative average is pulled up to 60% or above, at which point your academic standing will change back to "Eligible to Continue"
  • You cannot graduate with the general or honours version degree unless your cumulative average is 60% or above

Note: If you have completed 2.5 credits or less you will only be placed on academic probation if your cumulative average falls below 50%

What does it mean to be Required to Withdraw?
Required to Withdraw standing means that the University of Guelph requires you to take a minimum of 2 semesters off. This is called the rustication period (the Summer semester is included in this time period). For example, if you were Required to Withdraw after the Winter semester, the earliest you could apply for readmission to the University of Guelph would be the Winter semester of the following year. 

There are two reasons why you would be Required to Withdraw: 

The first reason is based on your academic performance:

  • You were on Academic Probation last semester (because your cumulative average was below 60%)
    • Upon being placed on Academic Probation, your subsequent semester average was less than the required 60% 

The second reason is based on Academic Misconduct: 

  • Being "Required to Withdraw" may be the penalty for a student found guilty of Academic Misconduct. See the Withdrawal section of undergraduate calendar for more information.

Please note: Required to Withdraw standing is not enforced at the end of the Fall semester (unless for reasons of Academic Misconduct). Instead, students who fail to meet the continuation of study requirements at the end of the Fall semester will be placed on 'Academic Probation 2' for the Winter semester. Failure to register for the Winter semester (or voluntary withdrawal from the Winter semester) will result in the Required to Withdraw standing being applied. Students are strongly advised to contact their Program Counsellor to determine how 'Academic Probation 2' standing will affect their studies.

Who do I contact if I have been Required to Withdraw?

You need to contact Admissions to discuss the next steps/how to be readmitted:

Admission Services - Admissions
+1-519-824-4120 x58721

Students who have been Required to Withdraw may appeal (see below). If no appeal is submitted, or if the appeal is denied, then students may apply for readmission by contacting Admissions. 

How to Appeal Required to Withdraw Standing
You can appeal the Required to Withdraw standing if you feel you have extenuating circumstances of a medical, compassionate or psychological nature, that led to your poor academic performance. Please note that appeals are taken very seriously, and not granted lightly.

There are three steps to appealing the decision and asking for extension of probation (this is called a Request for Academic Consideration):

  1. Complete the Request for Academic Consideration form
  2. Include a detailed letter, providing reasons for your appeal, with supporting documents (eg. medical note). Please address the letter to the B.A. Academic Review Committee.
  3. Submit the Request form, your letter and supporting documents to the BA office in person (Mackinnon 130) or via email at 

For more information about what to include in your Request for Academic Consideration, please see the following links: 

Quick Facts: Academic Consideration 
Undergraduate Calendar: Academic Consideration, Appeals and Petitions

The Academic Review Committee may only meet three times during a semester, so you need to get your request in as soon as possible. Please see the Schedule of Dates in the Undergraduate Calendar for details.