Important Dates

Semester Schedule of Dates

The University of Guelph runs on a 12 week semester system. The semester schedule of dates and deadlines are more than important. They are crucial to your progress in your degree and to being successful in your courses.

Don't get lost …find important dates in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Course Selection for Next Semester

You begin selecting courses for the summer semester in March.
You begin selecting courses for the fall semester in June
You begin selecting courses for the winter semester in November.

Adding and Dropping Courses

When Can I Add Courses?

You can add courses for the upcoming semester in a specific "window" during the University's course selection periods. Your course selection window can be found under our "Course Selection" tab at the top of this web page. The "Add Period" is when you can change your schedule. When the add period ends, you can no longer add courses to your schedule. 

Click the following link to determine your course selection window.

Exam schedule: an important part of course selection/adding courses

Add each course exam to your calendar and triple check that you have no conflicts (overlapping times) and that this exam schedule will work for you. An exam conflict is only an exact overlap. If you have an exact exam conflict, you should drop one of the courses whose exam overlaps. If it is a required course for your major and cannot be taken in the next semester, see your Program Counsellor. More than two exams in one day or more than three exams in two days does not constitute a conflict. Click here for the exam schedule

When Can I Drop Courses?

All students can use WebAdvisor to drop courses. Students need to have their emergency contact information filled out before courses can be dropped. Under Plan, Schedule, Registrar, and Drop is where courses can be dropped. Once you have dropped the course, log out of WebAdvisor and log back in to make sure that the course has been removed from your schedule.

You can drop courses until the last day of classes. See the "Schedule of Dates" in the current undergraduate calendar to find the last day of classes. You should also consider the "tuition refund schedule.