Course waiver request form

Course waiver request form

There are several reasons you may be unable to add a course, and will require a Course Waiver Form

  • The course is restricted to a specific specialization or program other than your own (scroll down to read more about restrictions)
  • You are missing a pre-requisite for a course*
  • The course section is full*
  • Instructor consent is required to be added into the course*
  • You are attempting to add a course after the Add period has ended*
  • You already are registered in a full course load (2.5 credits) - our office can help you with this!

*BA Counselling is unable to sign students into courses for the starred reasons above. To gain access to these courses, you can request to be "signed in" using a Course Waiver Form. In most cases, it is the instructor or the department's Faculty Advisor who will sign the course waiver. Once signed, waivers are brought to the 3rd floor, University Centre or emailed to (Enrolment Services). Scroll down to read who needs to sign your Course Waiver Form.

After adding a course, either on WebAdvisor or through Course Waiver, please double check your schedule to confirm that the course has been added and that there are no schedule or exam conflicts. 

If you have trouble navigating WebAdvisor, you can receive guidance through the WebAdvisor helpline at ext. 53952

CJPP courses
For general CJPP related issues and you are registered in CJPP or shadowing the program, please e-mail 

Psychology students
Psychology students having difficulty getting into a psychology course should contact the Department of Psychology’s Academic Advisor and Manager:

Sharon Helder
MCKN Rm:4015
+1-519-824-4120 x53260

FRHD and NUTR courses
Students with a Family and Child Studies minor should visit the following website to view restriction information:
Inquiries regarding FRHD and NUTR courses should be directed to Melissa Turner at

International Development courses
Inquiries regarding International Development courses should be directed to Lisa Blenkinsop at Mackinnon 800B

Studio Art courses
Inquiries regarding Studio Art courses should be directed to Monica Tap, at Zavitz Hall

ECON, HROB, MCS, MGMT courses,

Inquiries regarding ECON, HROB, MCS, and MGMT courses should be directed to the faculty advisors: 

Other courses

For any other courses, please contact the instructor directly (their e-mail can be found in webadvisor) to see if they are planning on allowing any additional students in. To search for instructors, see the searchable staff directory: If no instructor is listed, a departmental Faculty Advisor may sign the waiver for you. Click the "Faculty Advisor" tab on the black menu at the top of this webpage for a current listing of Faculty Advisors. 

PLEASE NOTE: Instructors and faculty advisors are not obligated to sign waiver forms - it is at their discretion.

If there is no instructor listed, there are faculty advisors for all specializations (BA included) as well who you can reach out to for some information: