Course waiver request form

Course waiver request form

If you cannot add a course on WebAdvisor, you will need a Course Waiver form. Course Waivers are only used if:

  • You are missing a pre-requisite for a course
  • The course is restricted to a specific specialization or program other than your own
  • The course section is full
  • Instructor consent is required
  • You are attempting to add a course after the Add period

In most cases, it is the instructor or the department's Faculty Advisor who will sign the course waiver. If no instructor is listed, a departmental Faculty Advisor may sign the waiver for you. Click the "Faculty Advisor" tab on the black menu at the top of this webpage for a current listing of Faculty Advisors. Once signed, waivers are brought to the 3rd floor, University Centre or emailed to (Enrolment Services)

PLEASE NOTE: Instructors and faculty advisors are not obligated to sign waiver forms - it is at their discretion.

Forms are available online at

After adding a course, either on WebAdvisor or through Course Waiver, please double check your schedule to confirm that the course has been added and that there are no schedule or exam conflicts.