What courses do I take?

Which Courses Do I Take?

Some majors provide a semester by semester plan for taking courses.

Generally students take 2.5 credits (5 courses) each semester (usually 0.5 credit per course).

If you are a first year student, please see "1st year course selection."

To find the specific courses you require for your degree program and specializations, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select the academic calendar that you are following (ex. 2019-2020). Students usually follow the academic calendar of their first year. However, you can follow any academic calendar that occurs while you are registered as an undergraduate student: https://www.uoguelph.ca/registrar/calendars/undergraduate

Step 2: Select “Degree Programs”

Step 3: Select “Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)”

Step 4: Review “Program Information” to see the overall degree requirements for the general and honours BA degrees. Note that there are two different types of BA degrees (general and honours). All BA students, whether general or honours, must complete the "BA Distribution Requirements" listed. Note: GEOG*1220 is a SOCIAL science, not a natural/mathematical science like some other geography courses. Pay attention to "level requirements" too.

Step 5: Review your specific specialization requirements (i.e. Anthropology, English, etc.).

Note that in the general degree, specializations are called "Areas of Concentration." Choosing an "area of concentration" is not required. However, you may choose up to two areas of concentration if you wish.

Note that in the honours degree, specializations are called majors and minors. Choosing a major is required. You can declare up to three specializations (ex. double major with a minor).

Viewing your Academic Progress on WebAdvisor
To see how the courses you have taken to date are fulfilling your degree requirements, and to see what courses you still need, you can view your Academic Progress on Webadvisor by selecting "My Academic Progress" which can be found underneath the "Registration" heading within the Students Menu view. Expand all to see all courses. Note that Academic progress does not automatically show substitutions.

See the Course Information drop-down menu option to learn about where to find course descriptions, course outlines, and semester offerings.