Getting Help

This page provides information about the topics that the BA Counselling Office and its staff can assist you with. If the issue you require help with is not listed here, please visit our Academic Resources or Other Resources pages.

We can help if you have:

  • Missed a deadline to add or drop a course

  • Missed several classes or a term test

  • Missed final exams or final assignments

  • Have been required to withdraw

Contact our office as soon as possible at

We can help if you need:

  • To defer (postpone) a final exam or final assignment

Contact our office as soon as possible at ( to request a deferral. If you have documentation, please provide this. 

We can help if you need:

  • To drop a course after the drop deadline (due to extenuating circumstances)
  • To request to continue studying on probation (after being required to withdraw, due to extenuating circumstances)
  • To make any other request for academic consideration
  • In the above instances, you will need to submit a Request for Academic Consideration

If you want to:

  • Check Major, Minor or Concentration Requirements
    To check Major, Minor or Area of Concentration requirements, click here.

  • Transfer to Another Guelph Degree Program or RTW
    The application to transfer to a different degree program or to be readmitted to the University can be completed on line and has a fee. You will need to complete this form, here is the link, if you were required to withdraw for a minimum of two semesters (RTW), suspended for Academic Misconduct, have graduated and want to take further courses, have registered at another institution and want to return to Guelph, have not registered for 6 or more consecutive semesters or are attending Guelph on Letter of Permission and want to continue. 

  • Withdraw from the Semester
    To withdraw from the semester, please drop all of your courses in WebAdvisor. The Fee Refund Schedule for the semester applies.

  • Study at Another Accredited University
    Exchanges and letters of permission

  • Talk to a Career Advisor about future education opportunities or career plans

    • Career Advisors and Peer Helpers are available for appointments through an online delivery option

    • To book an appointment, login to your Experience Guelph account. Click on “Career” then "Appointments” 

  • Information regarding co-op can be found here