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The Centre for Business and Student Enterprise (CBaSE) is dedicated to preparing a new generation of business leaders committed to community engagement and sustainability. CBaSE serves as a gateway between the University and the business community, allowing business students and faculty to work on a broad range of collaborative initiatives that have tangible benefits for everyone involved. Along the way, students gain management and business experience, create and launch new business ventures and develop a sense of social responsibility and leadership. 

Student Entrepreneurship

Want to take control of your education? Gain rich work experience? Start your own business? CBaSE empowers University of Guelph students to become the new generation of entrepreneurial business leaders committed to community engagement and a sustainable future. 

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CBaSE’s Business Consulting Program puts University of Guelph’s talented business students on your team to tackle your organizations business or marketing project. Your organization is matched with a senior student team who deliver a comprehensive report detailing your project's objectives, findings, and suggested courses of action. Read more about CBaSE’s Business Consulting Program.

Client testimonial

"Our experience with CBaSE was nothing short of exceptional. The students went above and beyond on the project and the team at CBaSE was fantastic to work with as well. Our goal for the four months was to research a potential industry that we had yet to penetrate. The team at CBaSE led this project and delivered great results. We are planning to do more projects with CBaSE in the coming semesters and would recommend them to any business."

Paul Demarco
Intrigue Media Co-Founder

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