Battle STEM 2024 - Towards the Future! 

Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2024

Written by Isabela Ramirez

Large group of Battle STEM volunteers smiling at camera and wearing red volunteer shirts
Up to 100 volunteers, some pictured above, from across CEPS, the College of Biological Sciences and other areas of U of G, work diligently behind the scenes to make Battle STEM a unique experience.

On May 9, the University of Guelph (U of G) welcomed approximately 950 students and 50 teachers from more than 30 high schools across Ontario for its annual Battle STEM competition. Attendees had the chance to participate in nearly 40 events and workshops, learning about diverse disciplines across various areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). Battle STEM's goal is to engage youth in science and showcase the STEM-based learning experiences that U of G offers. 

“We are able to expose students to areas of science that they are not likely going to encounter in high school,” says Bonnie Lasby, event organizer and Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Mathematics Academic Program Counsellor. “We can hopefully inspire them to continue in science throughout high school and into their higher education and careers.” 

Students gathered in the Events Centre for an awards ceremony, recognizing top-performing schools and students with Battle STEM prizes.

U of G student volunteers are critical to the day’s success. Alitha G., majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Arts, decided to volunteer because of her desire to help students explore both the arts and the sciences.

“It’s an invaluable experience to encourage high school students to embrace the arts and sciences together,” she said. 

The annual event was sponsored by Guelph-based Wellington Laboratories.

Event Highlights:

Image of volunteers standing beside a weight on a makeshift bridge

Creative Encounters with Science

Creative Encounters challenged students to build their own bridges and cannons, testing their knowledge of physics and engineering! The strongest bridge of the day held ten pounds.

Image of students pointing at series of educational skulls

Best of BIOBlast 

BioBlast brought students to complete challenging biology lab exercises, such as identifying structures on pre-dissected organisms, heightening their knowledge of animals, plants and more with the University of Guelph’s collection.

Students look towards an activity happening in a chemistry lab

Chemical Conundrums

Participants got the chance to expand their chemistry knowledge in Chemistry Conundrums, working together to solve complex chemistry problems!

Image of students working on soda in chemistry lab

Soda Showdown

It’s soda time! Students had the chance to expand their chemistry knowledge about laboratory equipment using sodas, working together to solve challenges.

Volunteers stand together smiling at camera

Crack the Code: Shrink the Beat

Crack the Code: Shrink the Beat: Students were challenged with musical STEM clues to find a song and the tasked with making its Spotify code on a shrinky dink key chain.

Volunteers stand with painted 3D canons

World of 3D Printing

Participants were immersed in the World of 3D Printing and painting their 3D canons, blending the arts and sciences.

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