Academic Misconduct Reporting


The University of Guelph Academic Misconduct policies are available in the Undergraduate and Graduate calendars. 

 Course Instructor Responsibilities:

  • please complete all sections of the form
  • student information is available on Class Lists or contact your department/school
  • make sure to include all applicable supporting documentation listed at the end of the form
  • you may make a penalty recommendation in the “details” section of the form
  • forward the completed form and all documentation to the chair/director of the department/school
  • at this stage, please inform the student that a suspicion of academic misconduct is being investigated
  • Normally, this needs to be done within 10 working days of the assignment deadline or exam date.  If the nature of the case makes it difficult to meet this deadline, please seek an extension from your chair/director.

Chair/Director’s Office Responsibilities:

  • please review the documentation from the instructor to ensure that all information is complete and to verify that an investigation should proceed
  • forward the completed form and any accompanying documentation to the Office of the ADA by email to   Please copy Kate Mooibroek and Karen Gordon  If this is a graduate course, then the material should be forwarded by email to Monica Cojocaru and Kate Mooibroek   

Office of the Associate Deans Responsibilities

  • The Office of the ADA or ADR&GS (with Associate Dean, Graduate Studies) will conduct an investigation of the matter based on the allegations set out in the form
  • Meeting will be set-up with the students involved
  • A decision will be made after the meetings
  • if the student is found guilty, then there will be a check to see if there are prior findings of guilt on the students file
  • a penalty will be levied in accordance with the Guidelines for Academic Misconduct


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