2016 CEPS Undergraduate Poster Session Winners

Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2016

The winners of the CEPS Undergraduate Poster Session, which was held on August 5th, 2016, are:

First Overall: Alexzandra Hughes-Visentin (Physics) for her poster titled "The growth and purification of a chloride pumping microbial rhodopsin from Mastigocladopsis repens; an investigation of its transport mechanism"
Second Overall: Michael Lissemore (Engineering) for his poster titled "A handheld device for rapid detection of food adulterants using bulk acoustic wave biosensors".
Third Overall: Austin Marchese and Parnian Soltanipanah (Chemistry) for their poster titled "Synthesis of homogeneous catalysts used for the hydrodeoxygenation of 2,5-hexanedione and furfuryl alcohol in an acidic, aqueous environment".

The prize for best visual poster went to Andrew Michalak (Engineering) for his poster titled "An investigation into the effects of tower shading on anemometer data".

The prize for best group poster went to Yaj Cherukuri, Patricia Zawada, Parwaiz Amery and Abdulrahman Al-Abassi from Engineering for their poster titled "Haul truck axle testing mechanism".

A prize was also awarded for best poster presentation from each department to:

Arsalan Syed (Chemistry) for his presentation on "IR redshifts induced by halomethane deposition as a tool for chemical surface characterization"
Isaac Thevathasan (Engineering) for his presentation on "In vitro characterization of camelina sativa antitumor peptides against colorectal adenocarcinoma cells"
Devin Hymers (Physics) for his presentation on "Methods for improving accuracy in interaction vertex imaging"
Valerie Hodgins (Math) for her presentation on "Identification of Escherichia coli growth rates and lag-time parameters from impedance measurements"
Christopher Katsaras (Computer Science) for his presentation on "Farm to fork"

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