Q&A with Zante

Posted on Monday, April 6th, 2020

The past few weeks have been unprecedented. Few of us have experienced anything similar in our lifetime. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus has meant changes to how we work, live, and finish out the academic year. Each of us is facing unique challenges, but connecting through each other’s stories may provide some small comfort as we collectively face the uncertainties that lie ahead.

Zante Botha is a Mechanical Engineering student and president of the CEPS Student Council. Here is a sneak peek into how Zante is coping with some of the recent changes to life and school. Her full story can be found on our CEPS YouTube channel.

How do you stay connected to friends and family?

I actually have dinner with my family every single night, and we take turns cooking dinner every night. It’s been really been great to cook for my family and spend some quality time with them. I've also been connecting with my friends via FaceTime every other day. I've also been able to chat with some friends back in South Africa so it's been really great to stay connected that way.

What are you doing to stay physically and mentally healthy?

I really love to run! I've been able to go on some longer runs which has been great - some 5k, some 10k, sometimes in between. I definitely recommend just going on long walks and taking some runs.

For my mental health I've been reading a bit more. Usually I don't have time to read during the school year, so it's been great to pick up some books that I've been putting on hold for a while. I've also been binge watching some really good Netflix shows. 

Do you have any advice for students as they finish their academic year?

Stick to what has worked for you in this whole year so far. Don't change up your schedule or your study habits too much because you've made it this far in the year and you know what works for you.

See Zante’s full story (including the cooking competition she plays with family!) on our CEPS YouTube channel.

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