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Posted on Friday, November 6th, 2020

Image of Grant Doherty wearing a grey University of Guelph sweater with trees in background

Second-year physics student Grant Doherty shares tips for successful remote learning.

An unusual fall semester has presented unique challenges and opportunities for students. Second-year physics student Grant Doherty is no exception, and has launched study groups and collaborated with his peers to work through their courses this semester.

Chat with Grant Doherty

What is your program and major?

My name is Grant Doherty, I am a second-year Bachelor of Science student majoring in Physics.

How has this semester been for you?

This year has been a work in progress. Every week I find new ways to improve my efficiency and learning situation. Something that challenged me this semester was not being able to interact physically with professors and fellow students. As a solution to my questions, I contacted my professor via email and asked my questions, and I’ve even organized personal meetings via zoom. I’ve always been responded to with respect and enthusiasm. To collaborate with other students, I reached out to friends in my courses and made a study group. We meet weekly to discuss work problems and help each other out.

What has worked well with you for remote learning?

I think the most important thing to do in order to succeed in this format is to stay organized. Having an online or physical calendar is really important to staying on top of assignments and deadlines. Having all of your class assignments laid out in front of you helps you mentally plan so timing conflicts don’t occur as much. As a second point, even though my courses are remote, you have to make sure you reach out to other students and socialize! If you frequently see some specific people in your zoom lectures, or lab groups, make sure you reach out to them and just chat with them. Having others to discuss school assignments or lecture content with can really benefit your learning experience and it makes it more enjoyable!

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