2022 College Undergraduate Awards

Posted on Monday, November 14th, 2022

Congratulations to our 2022 College Undergraduate Award Winners.

Each year, the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) celebrates its high achieving students with an Awards Night that also features a reception and an opportunity to recognize philanthropic contributions from friends of CEPS and the University of Guelph. Their generous contributions advance CEPS priorities and help provide pathways for accessible education through scholarships. 

The 2022 CEPS Undergraduate Awards Night took place on November 10 in the University Club. The event was attended by more than 85 students, faculty, staff, family, and friends, who commended the outstanding achievements of these exceptional undergraduate students as they received their awards.

The College bestowed 30 awards this year. Award recognition criteria included academic achievements, community engagement, leadership, innovation and volunteerism.

Dr. Richard Zytner, Interim Dean, and Dr. Daniel Thomas, Acting Associate Dean (Academic) provided welcoming remarks and awards presentation. 

We are delighted to honour the incredible achievements of these students and look forward to supporting their continued success in the College and after graduation. Congratulations to the 2022 winners! 

CEPS Awards

Earl B. MacNaughton Entrance Scholarship
Elodie Bregere BCH.CS.C
Emma Bresele BENG.MECH:C
Faith Cottel BSCH.BTOX
Emma Stefanutti BSCH.BPCH:C
Lucas Sudol BCH.SENG:C

Samuel Acker Memorial Scholarship
Patricia Damjanovski BSCH.BPCH:C    
1970 Scholarship
Anthony Lam BSCH.BTOX.C

CEPS Leadership Scholarship 
Shaiza Hashmi BCH.CS

Dean’s Scholarship
Charlotte Barnes BCH.CS
Dillon Bendig BCH.CS:C
Matthew Burrows- Balka BSCH.THPY
Eric Buys BCH.CS:C
Christian Catalano BCH.SENG-MATH
Tia Yun Fat Jeffrey Ronan Chay Loong BCH.SENG:C
Daniel Denton BCH.CS:C
Caleb Fretz BENG.BIOE:C
Amanda Hahn BCH.CS:C
Madison Hughes BSCH.BTOX:C
Jerritt Hung BCH.CS:C
Jaydon    Hunt BENG.MECH:C
Helena    Kunic BENG.BME:C
Myron    Ladyjenko BCH.SENG:C
Hyrum Nantais BCH.SENG:C
Florian Pavlik BENG.MECH:C
Emma Rohde BSCH.BTOX:C
Nicholas Waller BCH.CS:C
Zachary Wesenger BENG.ENVE:C
Rachel Wideman BSCH.BTOX:C

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