Tremaine Speaker Series for Women in Science

Posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2023

Written by Kylie Riches

Two men and a woman walking in the Guelph Arboretum on a sunny fall day.
Dr. Jennifer Heemstra is pictured here with two of the 48 attendees on the Mindfulness and Mentoring Walk With Grad Students in the Arboretum.

Last week, the University of Guelph was fortunate to welcome Dr. Jennifer Heemstra, to our campus as the feature of the Tremaine Speaker Series for Women in Science.

Dr. Heemstra spoke at four different events over the course of three days, with topics ranging from the psychology of failure to future careers in Chemistry and other STEM fields. When asked about her time at Guelph, she stated that the main highlight was that she had the opportunity to be in a university among departments and people whom are really committed to having a collegial and supportive environment. “I had so many meetings, people really showed how much equity and inclusion are valued. I really recognized that, and it was so uplifting to see the focus on creating an environment where everyone can thrive”.

Being the Chair and Professor of Chemistry at Washington University in St. Louis, Dr. Heemstra knows a great deal about being a woman in the industry. “It was so much fun to be here, to talk about all of the science that my lab does, to talk about topics that I’m passionate about, and to be able to have dialogue about those. Being a part of the panel with four other absolutely amazing women and to be able to learn from all of the people I’ve interacted with has been a great experience”.

Image of Dr. Heemstra and Dr. Tremaine smiling

30 attendees joined Dr. Peter Tremaine (left) and Dr. Heemstra (right) in Peter Clark Hall for the Research Seminar.


Zoomed out image of full lecture hall

The Navigating Choices to Shape Your Career Public Lecture harboured 50 attendees to join Dr. Heemstra in the discussion regarding future career paths


Picture of audience and panel at event

The series wrapped with a Panel where 47 attendees listened to Dr. Heemstra, Dr. Mary Wells, Dr. Joanne O’Meara, Dr. Stacey Scott,
and Dr. Ayesha Ali discuss the hardships and advantages of being a woman in science

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