About Us

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Photograph of University of Guelph staff

The University of Guelph is a respected leader in inclusion, equity, accessibility and human rights practices. We encourage and depend on every member of our campus community to honour and uphold this reputation. So how can you equip yourself with the information and training tools you need to play your part? And where do you go if you have a concern about diversity on campus?

The Office of Diversity and Human Rights (DHR) is a WELCOMING, SAFE and CONFIDENTIAL one-stop shop for information, training and support on issues relating to diversity and human rights on our campus. Established in 1996 as one of the first offices of its kind, we:

•Deliver training and awareness on inclusion, equity, accessibility and human rights issues to all members of our campus community.
•Proactively eliminate barriers and inequities and advocate on behalf of those who may be marginalized.
•Connect students, staff and faculty involved in human rights disputes with trained and independent support personnel.
•Coordinate our university's compliance with federal and provincial initiatives and legislation.
•Monitor university policies, procedures and systems and flag those that may be discriminatory.

Clear communication, collaboration, capacity building and leadership guide the services we deliver and we routinely assess our initiatives to identify gaps and best practices. This year, we renewed our mandate in response to extensive community input on how we can best serve our community.

Creating a campus where all people are treated with respect and can reach their full potential is an ongoing journey. DHR is responsible for stimulating and advancing that journey, and we invite you to join us and add to its momentum.