Ethical Purchasing (Supplier Verification of Compliance)

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Ethical Purchasing at the University of Guelph

The University of Guelph has long believed that its dealings with suppliers should reflect the institution’s recognition that consumer decisions have an impact on those involved in production. Therefore, the University’s Board of Governors approved a Code of Ethical Conduct for Suppliers and Subcontractors in Relation to Working Conditions and Employment Standards (the Code).  Want to learn more? Review our power point presentation.

Supplier Verification of Compliance (SVC) form

Effective November 1, 2016, the University of Guelph will require all suppliers fulfilling the University’s purchase orders for apparel products to complete a compliance verification process by completing the Supplier Verification of Compliance Form in accordance with the Code. All departments are encouraged to source their apparel products from this supplier list. If your preferred supplier does not appear on this list, departments are required to ask the supplier to complete the Supplier Verification of Compliance Form prior to issuing the purchase order.

*The following suppliers have submitted the Supplier Verification of Compliance Form to the University of Guelph and completed the University’s Code of Ethical Conduct compliance verification process.  

Big Kahuna Sports

Brittney -


B.C. Textile Innovations



Brand Blvd


Ashlyn -



Catfish Calhoun Inc.

Mike Van Berlo -

905-688-6100 x230

Click Signs Inc.

Tricia Galvez -

519-524-4120 x58031

Hockey Shop Source for Sports



Industrial Textiles Ltd.

Faiza -


Premium Sportswear & Promotions Inc.



Steve Bryant Golf Ltd.

Steve Bryant -


Varsity Collection/SC International Enterprises Inc.