Principles of Belonging: Anti-Oppression & Anti-Racism

Principles of Belonging: Anti-Oppression & Anti-Racism Training Module

The Office of Diversity & Human Rights (DHR), is pleased to introduce a new online training module, Principles of Belonging: Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism. This module is mandatory* for new, incoming students and available to all students, faculty, and staff and introduces core principles that can be used to foster more inclusive spaces and create a culture of belonging for all campus community members. 

The module is organized into two parts, which together will take about 1 hour to complete. The first half is on Principles of Anti-Oppression, which provides participants with an introduction to equity and inclusion on campus and four broad core anti-oppression principles that are applicable across a broad range of identity groups. 

The second half is on Principles of Anti-Racism and enables participants to explore how to engage in anti-racism and enact anti-racist practices on campus. It focuses on introducing key concepts like systemic racism, power, privilege, allyship, microagressions, and cultural appropriation.

To access the training module visit:



*This module is mandatory for Students. Students who wish to apply or join University supported employment and volunteer activities including but not limited to student Athletics, Student Affairs’ student staff positions, and volunteer student activities including the Peer Helper Program, must show they have completed the module. For the purpose of this module, “Student” means new incoming undergraduate students, any undergraduate varsity student athletes or student executives of teams in the Gryphon Clubs program, any undergraduate student employed through Student Affairs, and any undergraduate student participating in Student Experience programs and/or volunteer activities, such as Peer Helpers.  Questions regarding this module should be directed to the Office of Diversity and Human Rights.