Employment Policies and Programs

Employment Equity Goals 2017-20210

Review the University's strategy for reaching its employment equity goals.

Policies, Procedures, Guidelines and Programs

Accessible Service Provision Policy outlines how the University fulfills this commitment and what individuals can expect when accessing services at the University.

Employment Policy (301) sets out the framework for human resources policies. All policies and practices encompass the principles of inclusion and accessibility.

Employment Equity Policy is the framework for fair treatment and equal opportunity in all aspects of employment.

Accommodation Partnership Program contains employment accommodation requirements.

Individualized Employee Emergency Planning Procedures contains the system through which the University develops individual emergency plans for employees with disabilities.

The Human Rights Policy and Procedures outlines the University's activities in the areas of human rights-based discrimination and harassment

Collective Agreements between the University and the various employee groups may set out joint commitments with respect to fair treatment, equal opportunity in all aspects of employment, human rights, accommodation and accessibility.