What Is the Informal Process?

The Informal Process is the most commonly utilized approach to resolving human rights complaints at the University of Guelph. There are four options for resolving a complaint on this basis. 

  • Option1: Discussion of the concern between the parties.
  • Option 2: With the assistance of a person with supervisory responsibilities, inform the respondent of the concern and of the Policy and Procedures.
  • Option 3: Provide third-party assistance through the Office of Diversity and Human Rights (DHR).
  • Option 4: Person with supervisory responsibilities may conduct an informal inquiry into the concern.

Time: Typically up to 15 working days or less.

Outcome: Issue can be resolved quickly and confidentially.

Records: the  DHR will keep a record of the resolution and shall monitor the implementation of any resolution and shall ensure that those involved with the matter are kept fully informed.