Standard Operating Procedure Concerning the Management of Hate Activities

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Procedure - Implementing the SOP in the Context of Allegations or Incidents of Hate Activity

The Director of the DHR will implement the SOP as follows:

  • Decision to Activate the Sub-Committee

  • When the Director of the DHR receives allegations or information concerning behaviour that might fall under the SOP, the Director shall obtain as much information as necessary to make a preliminary assessment of the alleged hate activity and make a judgment as to whether or not the SOP applies.


The Sub-Committee will be responsible for carrying out some or all of the following actions.

It is expected that the Sub-Committee will:

  • Determine which actions are necessary in the particular circumstances guided by the principles and procedures embodied in the University’s human rights policy.
  • Determine what facts are known, what information is still needed, how such information should be obtained, and, if possible, an anticipated timeline for the process;
  • Determine whether any further special expertise or representation on the Sub-Committee is necessary or required;
  • Document facts and record all decisions;
  • Explore options to respond to the allegations or incidents of alleged hate activity;
  • Arrange for appropriate communications with the University community;
  • Establish responsibility among the Sub-Committee members for following up on decisions. It is expected that in some cases the follow-up action will not require the whole Sub-Committee but members of the Sub-Committee will be informed of continued progress on issues. These activities will be coordinated through the DHR, which will arrange for further meetings as necessary.