Statement - Creating Safe Spaces at U of G

The University of Guelph community is proudly diverse, with a wide range of experiences, perspectives and backgrounds all contributing to our success. We are deeply committed to building safe and welcoming environments for everyone.


The University’s Cultural Diversity Services, part of our Student Experience Department, has supported the U of G community over the years by hosting events to improve understanding and to promote and celebrate our diversity. Safe spaces are created to give people from equity-deserving groups support, a sense of well-being and a chance to heal. This is especially important as some members of our community sometimes face targeted hate and discrimination, which can make them feel unsafe.


As part of a three-part Art and Soul series, Cultural Diversity and the Guelph Black Student’s Association invited a local educator and yoga instructor to provide a safe, healing space for Black students, faculty, and staff to share their lived experiences and learn about the supports available to them at U of G.


It has come to our attention that this event has received criticism on social media, including anti-Black racism posts. The University does not condone hateful or discriminatory comments or behaviour directed at any member of our community. We remain committed to providing opportunities and safe spaces for people to share, heal, learn and grow, all fundamental to improving life.