Believe Survivors

Educational Video

Will's Bad Day Video on YouTube


Will character, somewhat sad looking, a bit hunched over. With each of the following scenarios
playing out on-screen, the Will character hunches over a bit more, and looks more weary.
Voiceover (VO): Somewhat dry, wry, delivery

This is Will. Will’s had the worst week.
On Monday, Will’s amazing new laptop was stolen. When his landlord arrived she said,

(Police) “Uh, why’d you buy such an expensive laptop? Bad call”

On Tuesday he went to a restaurant and ordered a lemonade, but when the server brought it, he
threw the lemonade in Will’s face.

(Server) “But You asked for lemonade!”

On Thursday, Will’s grandmother died. He was devastated, but he wanted to go to school to
keep his mind off it. When he got there though, the other students were pretty cold.

(Student) “Kind of strange for you to come to class when you’re supposed to be grieving, Will.
Did your grandma REALLY die?

All of these crappy things that happened to Will were 100% crappier because people blamed
Will, or worse, didn’t believe him.
Will, looking extremely weary
YOU wouldn’t say these things to WILL, right? So why say them to a sexual assault survivor?

Talk bubbles pop up on screen saying things like “but, you like to have sex”. “you were asking
for it”, “It never happened”

It’s hard to report a sexual assault, to anyone. Give all the support that you can.

Believe survivors.

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