Equity Competencies for Managers

It has been said that achieving equity is a process rather than an event. Those within the University of Guelph communities who have been engaged with or who have otherwise been aware of the trajectory upon which this institution has travelled are only too aware of the validity of this proposition. It is your long-term efforts that continue to transform the University climate in ways that bring added meaning to the institution's mission and values.

Diversity and Human Rights (DHR), in collaboration with senior administrators, have drafted what we consider to be a list of best practices which have evolved during the implementation of equity goals here at the University. Our focus has been on the meaningful and achievable. No one criterion will necessarily bring about the desired goal of an endurably equitable university environment, rather successful managers will find that their simultaneous attention to a number of suggestions on the checklist, added to their own creative endeavours, will yield the best results. We ask that, as senior administrators and unit managers, you share these suggested equity competencies with your reports and utilize them to set measurable periodic goals.

While acting upon or thinking about any of the listed approaches, please feel free to seek the advice of the staff at Diversity and Human Rights (DHR).

Please review the Check List of Equity Competencies Checklist