SOE Code of Ethics

In line with the expectations of the University of Guelph, the School of Engineering has adopted a Code of Ethics to promote academic integrity and assure students of fairness. Students registered in the B.Eng. Program are obligated to follow the Code of Ethics, which promotes a professional environment.  Accordingly, students will:

  • Maintain high ideals of personal honour and integrity
  • Not injure the reputation of another student, faculty member or staff member
  • Give proper credit for their individual work and not submit work that is:
    • Copied
    • Plagiarized
    • Containing falsified or fabricated data
  • Contribute fairly to team projects
  • Not misrepresent themselves by:
    • Impersonation
    • Presenting a false medical certificate
  • Be committed to equal rights and opportunities for all students
  • In addition, students must write their PEO SMP (Student Membership Program) number on all submitted work. This signifies that the SOE Code of Ethics was adhered to. For group projects, students must also state that they contributed to the group effort in an equitable manner.

Failure to follow the Code of Ethics will initiate a review of the offense according to the University of Guelph’s Academic Misconduct Policy as described in the Undergraduate Calendar. This includes any other academic misconduct offense as outlined under Academic Misconduct in the Calendar.

Once the Academic Misconduct process has run its course and occurrence of Academic Misconduct has been confirmed, the details (without name or course) will be published in the School’s Blue Pages as done in PEO Dimensions.