Flexible Internship in Agri-Food (UNIV*3140)

Interested in building your resume by getting hands-on work experience at organizations in any sector of the agri-food industry, while earning course credit?

Register for UNIV*3140 Flexible Internship in Agri-Food; a unique course designed for upper year students, who are interested in exploring the agri-food industry, while developing fundamental career-building skills. 

UNIV*3140 is intended for students in semesters 5, 6 or 7 in F19 and is available to students in all majors but does not count for Bachelor of Landscape Architecture or for Bachelor of Engineering students, except for Biological Engineering.

About UNIV*3140 Flexible Internship in Agri-food

This course offers online and classroom components together with a forty (40) hour unpaid experiential learning opportunity (“Internship”) in the agri-food sector with government, industry or civil society organizations. Students will learn about the integrated nature of the agri-food industry in Canada and the many forces that shape this system, including their own food choices. Knowledge of current and future trends in the agri-food system together with the development of certain career-readiness skills will assist students who may have a career interest in the agri-food sector. The timing for the completion of the Internship is somewhat flexible. It can be completed during the semester in which course is taken or up until the end of the following semester.1 Successful completion of the Internship is mandatory in order to complete the course.

Restriction(s): UNIV*2100. Not available to co-op students. Must have at least a 70% cumulative grade average. Must be in class levels 05, 06 or 07 to be able to complete Internship requirement before graduation. Instructor consent required.

This course will teach you valuable skills for the workforce including:

  • How to write a professional resume and cover letter
  • Delivering a strong interview presence
  • Working in an agri-food organization

If you have any questions, visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for detailed information about the course. Further information can be found in the Course Outline and Internship Guidelines.

Registration Information

This course is not subjected to registration through WebAdvisor, please direct registration inquiries to Kathryn Selves (fare@uoguelph.ca).

A final grade will not be submitted for the class until the internship has been completed.

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Experience Profiles

  • Alyssa graduated from University of Guelph having engaged in course-integrated experiential learning in the curriculum. Outside the classroom, she worked for Student Housing Services, the work study program and held an undergraduate research assistant position.