Partners & Employers

University of Guelph students contribute in many ways to the organizations and communities they engage with. Employers and partners benefit from the positive energy, innovative ideas and fresh perspectives that students bring. Students also provide organizations with increased capacity to work on special projects, meet short-term hiring needs, or bring community issues to the classroom. 

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Discover the variety of ways you can engage with our students: 

  • Co-op: Hire a co-op student full-time for a four or eight month work-term to be a productive member of your team and to meet the hiring needs of your organization.
  • Placements: Host a student for a practicum, internship or externship at your organization for a dedicated number of hours per week.  
  • Projects: Collaborate on course-integrated projects where students help solve your organizational challenges.
  • Research: Partner with students to conduct applied research on-site, in labs or in a community setting.
  • Volunteering: Invite students to volunteer with your organization through short or long term placements.

Connect with Us

To explore possibilities for engaging University of Guelph students in your organization or project, contact the Experiential Learning Team. 

If you are interested in hiring co-op students, contact the Co-operative Education and Employer Development Team directly. 


"Overall, working with the University of Guelph co-op program has been a great experience for the firm. We do believe that the program is built to build future leaders and they are helping students develop the skills that are essential...I would highly recommend it to both students and employers. Employers specifically, because it helps you identify talent at a very young age"  - Taha Zafar, co-op employer at RLB (excerpt from Experiential Learning with RLB video)

“Students have taken on tasks and responsibilities with energy and an extremely positive attitude” - Community Partner (excerpt from University of Guelph Community Needs Assessment in Experiential Learning)


Student Profiles

  • Alyssa graduated from University of Guelph having engaged in course-integrated experiential learning in the curriculum. Outside the classroom, she worked for Student Housing Services, the work study program and held an undergraduate research assistant position.