Recruitment and Supervision of Students

When working with our students, we want to ensure you have the right resources available to you. Browse through the pages below for information on creating your opportunity, recruiting students for it, onboarding them with your organization, and expectations for supervision. Policies and guidelines relevant to working with students are also available. 

Inclusivity Resources

Inclusivity is an important part of the recruitment and supervision process, and must be considered at each step.


Guidelines for developing the right opportunity for your organization. 

Recruitment Practices 

Learn about best practices for recruiting students from the University of Guelph. 

Onboarding Guidelines

Standard onboarding procedures for students in experiential learning opportunities. 

Supervising Expectations

Learn about the expectations on how students should be supervised in their opportunities with your organizaiton, and guidelines for providing feedback. 

Policies and Guidelines 

Policies and guidelines that employers and partners are expected to abide by when working with students. 

Experience Profiles

  • Bayli graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in accounting. While she was here she engaged in multiple applied research projects, and worked as a teaching assistant, which helped her make important connections with people across campus.