Master Class - Ripened Lactic Cheeses

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In this three-day Master Class, participants will make surface ripened Lactic Acid cheeses, namely Figaro (a variation of Chaource) and Epoisses. Lactic Acid cheeses are those predominantly coagulated by Lactic Acid. For contrast, we will also make Camembert, which is surface ripened but is predominantly coagulated by rennet. The practical knowledge gained during this course can be applied to create or improve the production of any of many soft ripened cheeses, and will help understand the principles of surface ripening. Students will discuss classification, sensory profiles, and each manufacturing step from culture selection and milk preparation to ripening and packaging. Participants will learn via hands-on cheese making with Master Cheesemaker, Margaret Morris. The onsite portion of the course is 2.5 days (from Tuesday morning to Thursday noon). 

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