Purple wheat in a field.

Why study phytochemicals in grain products?

Phytochemicals, are biologically active compounds that come from plants.  These are naturally occurring compounds found in fruits, vegetables and grains. Phytochemicals are known for having beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities. For human health, these compounds are important for preventing oxidative stress from free radicals that contribute to aging and chronic disease.

Original flower and heart beat logo for Human Nutraceutical Research Unit

History of the HNRU

In 2018, the Human Nutraceutical Research Unit (HNRU), celebrated 20 years of service to the University of Guelph. Created in 1998, the HNRU was the first established human nutraceutical trial unit in Canada. It was created to fulfill a niche human research market for industry collaborations ranging from pilot to large scale studies.

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