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Course Changes

Departments, on occasion, may change the prefix or numbering of their courses. If you are having difficulty locating a course that is required for your major in WebAdvisor, please use the chart below to find the new course code and/or name.

Please note that for some changes (e.g. ACCT*1220 replacing ACCT*2220), the substitution will not show up in your academic evaluation. Provided you complete the substitution(s) listed below, the replacement course will be used to fulfill your degree requirements.

*If your calendar year is 11/12, 12/13 or 13/14, remember that MGMT*4000 has changed. Please refer to the heading MGMT*4000 Change below.

Course Changes (Current)

Previous course code New course code Course name Notes
ACCT*2220 ACCT*1220 Introductory Financial Accounting *Last offering of ACCT*2220 was Summer 2016
*First offering of ACCT*1220 was Fall 2016
ACCT*2240 ACCT*1240 Applied Financial Accounting *Last offering of ACCT*2240 was Fall 2016
*First offering of ACCT*1240 was Winter 2017
ECON*2200 HROB*2200 Labour Relations *Last offering of ECON*2200 was Fall 2018
*First offering of HROB*2200 was Fall 2019
Introduction to Finance
*Last offering of ECON*2560 was Winter 2020
*First offering of FIN*2000 is Summer 2020
Strategy of Mergers and Acquisitions
*Last offering of ECON*3360 was Fall 2019
*First offering of FIN*3300 is Fall 2021
*Last offering of ECON*3660 was Winter 2020
*First offering of FIN*3000 is Fall 2020
Fundamentals of Derivatives
*Last offering of ECON*3760 was Winter 2020
*First offering of FIN*3200 is Winter 2020
International Finance
*Last offering of ECON*3860 was Winter 2020
*First offering of FIN*3400 is Fall 2020
Money, Credit and the Financial System
*Last offering of ECON*3960 was Winter 2020
*First offering of FIN*3500 is Winter 2021
Advanced Topics in Finance
*Last offering of ECON*4560 was Winter 2020
*First offering of FIN*4000 is Winter 2021
Risk Management in Finance and Insurance
Contact the Department of Economics and Finance for the next offering of this course
Financial Econometrics
*Last offering of ECON*4840 was Winter 2020
*First offering of FIN*4100 is Winter 2021
HROB*2100 HROB*2090 plus HROB*2290 Individuals and Groups in Organizations plus Human Resources Management Students in the 2015/16 (and earlier) calendars are required to complete either HROB*2100 (1.0 credit) or HROB*2090 and HROB*2290.
Note: HROB*2100 was last offered in Winter 2017.
HROB*3000 HROB*2290 Human Resources Management *Last offering of HROB*3000 was Winter 2017
*First offering of HROB*2290 was Fall 2017
MGMT*4000 MGMT*4000 Strategic Management Decrease in credit weight from 1.0 to 0.5.
*See important information under the MGMT*4000 Change heading below


Name Changes

The following is a list of courses where only the name has changed.

Course Code Previous Name Current Name
ACCT*4290 Auditing III IT Auditing and Date Analytics
ECON*4400 Economics of Organizations and Corporate Governance Managerial Economics
HTM*4080 Experiential Learning and Leadership in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry Experiential Learning and Leadership in the Service Industry
MCS*2000 Business Communication in a Changing World Business Communication
REAL*3880 Topics in Housing Topics in Real Estate

MGMT*4000 Change

If your academic calendar year is 11/12, 12/13 or 13/14 then the information below applies to you.

Effective Fall 2014, there was an important change to MGMT*4000--Strategic Management. This course is listed in your schedule of studies with a credit weight of 1.0 (a double weight course). Beginning Fall 2014, the credit weight of this course has been reduced to 0.5 credits. It is critical to note that you must therefore take an additional 0.5 credit course (specified by major; see table below) to replace the reduction in credit weight and maintain the correct number of credits in order to graduate.

To clarify, the total number of credits you need to complete for your degree has not changed, only the distribution of those credits.

While this change is not reflected in your Schedule of Studies in the Undergraduate Calendar, your Program/Academic Evaluation--available through WebAdvisor, has been updated.

In addition to MGMT 4000, you must also take the additional 0.5 credit course as outlined in the following table.

Major (Regular and Co-op) Required course(s) to make-up for reduction in credit weight from 1.0 to 0.5 for MGMT*4000
ACCT Additional 4000 level ACCT course (this course must be over and above the minimum courses required for the ACCT degree--contact professor Elliott Currie ( for details.
FAB Additional Restricted Elective (increase from 1.5 to 2.0)
HAFA Additional List B Restricted Elective (increase from 2.0 to 2.5 [If CHEM1100 is not required, then the number of required List B Restricted Electives is 3.0.])
LOM & HRM Elective (free)
MKMN MGMT 3020--Corporate Social Responsibility
MEF One of ECON 4400--Economics of Organizations and Corporate Governance, ECON 4780--Topics in Industrial Organization or ECON 4800--Competitiveness and Strategic Advantage
PMGT One of ECON 4400--Economics of Organizations and Corporate Governance or ECON 4800--Competitiveness and Strategic Advantage
REH MGMT 3020--Corporate Social Responsibility or REAL 4870—Sustainable Real Estate.
TMGT Additional List A Restricted Elective (increase from 2.0 to 2.5)

As MGMT*4000 is your senior capstone B.Comm course, all prerequisites must be successfully completed prior to the beginning of the course. Students will not be waived into this course if they are missing prerequisites or attempting to take any of the prerequisites concurrently with MGMT 4000.

Course Changes (Archived -- 2010/11 and earlier)

Previous Course Code New Course Code Course Name Notes
ACCT*4240 (both versions; 0.5 and 1.0 credit weight) Discontinued (Alternatives listed under Notes) Accounting Theory and Integrated Cases Last offered Fall 2012. Alternative courses are ACCT*4340: Accounting Theory and ACCT*4440: Integrated Cases in Accounting. Both courses were first offered in Winter 2013. Contact professor Elliott Currie ( to determine which of these course(s) is appropriate for your degree requirements and accounting designation.
AGEC*3310 FARE*3310 Operations Management NA
AGEC*3400 MGMT*3320 Financial Management NA
BUS*2010 HROB*2010 Foundations of Leadership NA
BUS*2220 ACCT*2220 Financial Accounting NA
BUS*2230 ACCT*2230 Management Accounting NA
BUS*2240 ACCT*2240 Applied Financial Accounting NA
BUS*3000 HROB*3000 Human Resources Management NA
BUS*3010 HROB*3010 Managing and Rewarding Performance NA
BUS*3020 MGMT*3020 Corporate Social Responsibility NA
BUS*3030 HROB*3030 Workplace Health and Safety NA
BUS*3070 HROB*3070 Attracting and Acquiring Talent NA
BUS*3090 HROB*3090 Developing Talent NA
BUS*3230 ACCT*3230 Intermediate Management Accounting NA
BUS*3280 ACCT*3280 Auditing I NA
BUS*3320 MGMT*3320 Financial Management NA
BUS*3330 ACCT*3330 Intermediate Financial Accounting I NA
BUS*3340 ACCT*3340 Intermediate Financial Accounting II NA
BUS*3350 ACCT*3350 Taxation NA
BUS*4030 HROB*4030 Advanced Topics In Leadership and Organizational Management NA
BUS*4010 HROB*4010 Leadership Capstone NA
BUS*4060 HROB*4060 Workforce Optimization NA
BUS*4100 HROB*4100 Evidence-Based People Management Increase in credit weight to 1.0 from 0.5 (this change occurred 10/11)
BUS*4220 ACCT*4220 Advanced Financial Accounting NA
BUS*4230 ACCT*4230 Advanced Management Accounting NA
BUS*4240 ACCT*4240 Accounting Theory and Integrated Cases See ACCT*4240 above for additional details
BUS*4250 MGMT*4000 Strategic Management *See important information under the MGMT*4000 Change heading below
BUS*4260 MGMT*4260 International Business NA
BUS*4270 ACCT*4270 Auditing II NA
BUS*4290 ACCT*4290 Auditing III NA
BUS*4350 ACCT*4350 Income Taxation II NA
CME*1000 MGMT*1000 Introduction to Business Increase in credit weight to 1.0 from 0.5 *See important note at the bottom of this page
ECON*3510 ECON*3960 Money, Credit and the Financial System NA
ECON*3560 ECON*2560 Theory of Finance NA
ECON*3600 Discontinued (Alternatives listed under Notes) Macroeconomics in an Open Economy Last offered Winter 2011. Alternative courses are ECON*3810: Advanced Macroeconomics (first offered in Winter 2012) and ECON*3860: International Finance (first offered in Fall 2011). 
FARE*3400 MGMT*3320 Financial Management NA
HTM*4390 BUS*2090 Individuals and Groups in Organizations NA
MATH*1000 MATH*1030 Business Mathematics NA
MCS*1820 REAL*1820 Real Estate and Housing NA
MCS*2820 REAL*2820 Real Estate Finance NA
MCS*2850 REAL*2850 Service Learning in Housing NA
MCS*3810 REAL*3810 Real Estate Marketing Analysis NA
MCS*3870 REAL*3870 Topics in Housing NA
MCS*3880 REAL*3880 Topics in Housing NA
MCS*3890 REAL*3890 Property Management NA
MCS*4820 REAL*4820 Real Estate Appraisal NA
MCS*4840 REAL*4840 Housing and Real Estate Law NA
MGMT*4000 MGMT*4000 Strategic Management Decrease in credit weight from 1.0 to 0.5. *See important information under the MGMT*4000 Change heading below.
POLS*3110 Discontinued Politics of Ontario PMGT students must take an additional 3000 level POLS course (of their choice) to replace this course.
PSYC*1200 PSYC*1000 Introduction to Psychology Applicable to MKMN students



*CME*1000 had a credit weight of 0.5; its replacement, MGMT*1000 is worth 1.0 credit (same weight as two courses). Should you have any questions, please contact the B.Comm Program Counselling Office.