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The Future of Pharma (FPC) Conference

Date and Time


The Delta Hotel and Conference Centre, 50 Stone Rd W, in Guelph


“The future of the pharmaceutical industry: Connect Today, Develop Tomorrow”

It is our pleasure to invite you to University of Guelph’s first Future of Pharma Canada (FPC) Conference. It is a mission to change the future of the pharmaceutical industry by providing insight to the many areas of opportunity and attracting young minds; resulting in more innovation and better patient outcomes. Students across different disciplines will be given a variety of learning opportunities and to connect with some of the world’s most influential healthcare companies. Future of Pharma in Canada’s main values are promoting; innovation, collaboration between different disciplines of study, millennials entering the workforce and better health care for physical and mental illnesses. They want to connect today and develop tomorrow in both the student body and in the pharmaceutical industry.


Why you should attend:

    • Learn about the opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry
    • Have access to some of pharma's most influential executives
    • Meet industry professionals and connect with them on a personal and professional level
    • Engage with student delegates who share similar interests
    • Understand where the industry is going and what impact millennials will have on it
    • Get your resume in the hands of large organizations for potential career opportunities


Conference tickets are available at the FPC Webpage.

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