Workshop: Let's Talk Gender Equality | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Workshop: Let's Talk Gender Equality

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Online VIA Zoom

Let's Talk Gender Equality


Campus inclusion and community have always been a top priority at the University of Guelph. You can do your part to help.

Join the U of G community in an honest and engaging discussion around gender equality, with the bold objective of breaking down barriers and stereotypes. The workshop discussions are open to all U of G students, staff, and faculty.

This year's workshops will be hosted virtually through the Zoom platform. There will be four sessions to choose from:


Each workshop will be facilitated by students from the Lang School.

The HeForShe Workshops first began in February 2019, when Lang Bachelor of Commerce students organized discussions that aimed to spark conversation around gender equity, equality and stereotypes on campus and beyond. Led by students from Lang professor Kathleen Rodenburg’s leadership class, the workshops aimed to support the UN’s HeForShe gender solidarity campaign. The students facilitated conversations with various groups of students on campus, including engineering, business, and the Gryphons Football team, to discuss how they can help break gender stereotypes and improve gender equality.

The United Nation’s (UN) HeForShe movement is an invitation for men and people of all genders to stand in solidarity with women to create a bold, visible and united force for gender equality. Since HeForShe launched in September 2014 at the United Nations, millions of men around the world, including Heads of State, CEOs, and global luminaries from all walks of life, have committed to gender equality.

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