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Internal Scholarships & Awards

Student Financial Services (SFS) search engines contain the most up-to-date information regarding available on-campus scholarships, bursaries and travel grants. These search engines allow students to narrow searches by college, class, program, category and financial need.

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Applying for an award (scholarship, bursary or travel grant)

Some on-campus scholarships and awards do not require an application - you will automatically be considered for them if you are eligible. For scholarships and awards requiring an application please be sure:

  1. You meet the eligibility criteria
  2. To submit your application and all required materials by the posted deadline
  3. To submit your application to the correct department/unit
  4. To fill out the appropriate form as indicated on the search engine

SFS forms and documents webpage

If the search engine indicates that applications should be submitted to Lang's Awards Committee please email your application and any supporting documentation to