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C. Bram Cadsby

Bram Cadsby
Professor Emeritus
Department of Economics and Finance

Areas of Specialization: Experimental Economics, Experimental Finance

Bram Cadsby has a B.Sc. (Econ.) from the London School of Economics, an M.A. from Queen's University and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His primary research interest is in experimental economics and experimental finance. He is currently working on: the effect of different compensation schemes on productivity and misrepresentation; trust, reciprocity, promises and social distance/guanxi; behaviour towards risk as an affective versus a rational phenomenon; demographic priming and economic behaviour; punishment and free-riding in large groups; and decision-making by committees, teams and managers.

His research has been supported by numerous grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Australian Research Council, the Ontario Centre for International Business, and the Financial Research Foundation of Canada. He has twice held a Visiting Erskine Fellowship at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and has been a visiting professor at numerous universities in China, Australia, the United States, and Japan. His research articles have been published in such journals as Games and Economic BehaviorReview of Financial StudiesJournal of Public Economics,Academy of Management JournalManagement Science, Journal of Business,Experimental Economics and Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization.

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Publications List:

The “sales agent” problem: Effort choice under performance pay as behavior towards risk
CB Cadsby, F Song, N Zubanov
Economic Inquiry, 2019, https://doi.org/10.1111/ecin.12821, Wiley Content Sharing Link: https://rdcu.be/bI1jF

Dishonesty among children: Rural/urban status and parental migration
CB Cadsby, F Song, X Yang
in Bucciol, A. and N. Montinari (eds.), Dishonesty in Behavioral Economics, Academic Press, 31-52, 2019, https://www.elsevier.com/books/dishonesty-in-behavioral-economics/bucciol/978-0-12-815857-9,
Invoking social comparison to improve performance by ranking employees: The moderating effects of public ranking, rank pay, and individual risk attitude
CB Cadsby, F Song, J Engle-Warnick, T Fang
Journal of Economic Psychology 72, 64-79, 2019, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.joep.2019.02.004,
Are “left-behind” children really left behind? A lab-in-field experiment concerning the impact of rural/urban status and parental migration on children's other-regarding preferences
CB Cadsby, F Song, X Yang
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2019, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jebo.2019.04.007
The impact of risk-aversion and stress on the incentive effect of performance-pay
CB Cadsby, F Song, F Tapon
in Goerg, S.J. and J. Hammon (eds.), Research in Experimental Economics Vol.19, Experiments in Organizational Economics, 189-227,  Emerald Publishing Ltd., 2016 https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/S0193-230620160000019007/full/html
Goodwill can hurt: A theoretical and experimental investigation of return policies in auctions
CB Cadsby, N Du, R Wang, J Zhang
Games and Economic Behavior 99, 224–238, 2016
In-group favoritism and moral decision-making
CB Cadsby, N Du, F Song
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 128, 59-71, 2016
Promise keeping, relational closeness, and identifiability: An experimental investigation in China
CB Cadsby, N Du, F Song, L Yao
Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 57, 120-133, 2015
How competitive are female professionals? A tale of identity conflict
CB Cadsby, M Servátka, F Song
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 92, 284-303, 2013
Group size, coordination, and the effectiveness of punishment in the voluntary contributions mechanism: An experimental investigation
B Xu, C Cadsby, L Fan, F Song
Games 4 (1), 89-105, 2013
A Cross-cultural real-effort experiment on wage-Inequality information and performance
H Liu-Kiel, CB Cadsby, HY Schenk-Mathes, F Song, X Yang
The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 13 (2), 1095-1120, 2013
Trust, reciprocity, and guanxi in China: An experimental investigation
F Song, CB Cadsby, Y Bi
Management and Organization Review 8 (2), 397-421, 2012
Gender and generosity: does degree of anonymity or group gender composition matter?
CB Cadsby, M Servátka, F Song
Experimental Economics 13 (3), 299-308, 2010
Are you paying your employees to cheat? An experimental investigation
CB Cadsby, F Song, F Tapon
The BE Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 10 (1) , 2010
Step return versus net reward in the voluntary provision of a threshold public good: An adversarial collaboration
CB Cadsby, R Croson, M Marks, E Maynes
Public Choice 135 (3-4), 277-289, 2008
Competitive burnout: Theory and experimental evidence
JA Amegashie, CB Cadsby, Y Song
Games and Economic Behavior 59 (2), 213-239, 2007
Cross-national gender differences in behavior in a threshold public goods game: Japan versus Canada
CB Cadsby, Y Hamaguchi, T Kawagoe, E Maynes, F Song
Journal of Economic Psychology 28 (2), 242-260, 2007
Sorting and incentive effects of pay for performance: An experimental investigation
CB Cadsby, F Song, F Tapon
Academy of Management Journal 50 (2), 387-405, 2007
Tax compliance and obedience to authority at home and in the lab: A new experimental approach
CB Cadsby, E Maynes, VU Trivedi
Experimental Economics 9 (4), 343-359, 2006
Gender, risk aversion, and the drawing power of equilibrium in an experimental corporate takeover game
CB Cadsby, E Maynes
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 56 (1), 39-59, 2005
Other-regarding behavior and behavioral forecasts: Females versus males as individuals and as group representatives
F Song, CB Cadsby, T Morris
International Journal of Conflict Management 15 (4), 340-363, 2004
Time-of-month anomaly: Reality or Mirage?
CB Cadsby, V Torbey
Applied Economics Letters 10 (12), 741-745, 2003
Voluntary provision of threshold public goods with continuous contributions: experimental evidence
CB Cadsby, E Maynes
Journal of Public Economics 71 (1), 53-73, 1999
Choosing between a socially efficient and free-riding equilibrium: Nurses versus economics and business students
CB Cadsby, E Maynes
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 37 (2), 183-192, 1998
Corporate takeovers in the laboratory when shareholders own more than one share
CB Cadsby, E Maynes
The Journal of Business 71 (4), 537-572  20, 1998
Gender and free riding in a threshold public goods game: Experimental evidence
CB Cadsby, E Maynes
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 34 (4), 603-620, 1998
Laboratory Experiments in Corporate and Investment Finance: a Survey
CB Cadsby, E Maynes
Managerial and Decision Economics 19, 277-298, 1998
Equilibrium dominance in experimental financial markets
CB Cadsby, M Frank, V Maksimovic
The Review of Financial Studies 11 (1), 189-232, 1998
The optimal organization of research: evidence from eight case studies of pharmaceutical firms
F Tapon, CB Cadsby
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 31 (3), 381-399, 1996
Domestic Injury, procedural parallelism and the future of countervail-A comment on Collins-Williams and Salembier's "International disciplines on subsidies"
CB Cadsby, K Woodside
Journal of World Trade 30 (5), 177-181, 1996
Canada and the new subsidies code
CB Cadsby, K Woodside
C.D. Howe Institute Commentary 75, 1996
The effects of the North American free trade agreement on the Canada-United States trade relationship
CB Cadsby, K Woodside
Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de Politiques 19 (4), 450-462, 1993
The CAPM and the calendar: Empirical anomalies and the risk-return relationship
CB Cadsby
Management Science 38 (11), 1543-1561, 1992
Turn-of-month and pre-holiday effects on stock returns: Some international evidence
CB Cadsby, M Ratner
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Case studies on the organization of pharmaceutical R&D:  A preliminary report
F Tapon, CB Cadsby, K Woodside
Research in Global Strategic Management 3, 165-175, 1992
Experimental tests of Ricardian equivalence
CB Cadsby, M Frank
Economic Inquiry 29 (4), 645-664, 1991
Pooling, separating, and semiseparating equilibria in financial markets: Some experimental evidence
CB Cadsby, M Frank, V Maksimovic
The Review of Financial Studies 3 (3), 315-342, 1990
Canadian calendar anomalies and the capital asset pricing model
CB Cadsby
in Taylor, S.J., B.G. Kingsman and R.M.C. Guimares (eds.), A Reappraisal of the Efficiency of Financial Markets,
Springer-Verlag, Computer and Systems Sciences Series, 199-226, 1989
Are UK stock prices excessively volatile?: A comment
CB Cadsby
in Taylor, S.J., B.G. Kingsman and R.M.C. Guimares (eds.), A Reappraisal of the Efficiency of Financial Markets
Springer-Verlag, Computer and Systems Sciences Series, 453-455, 1989
Investment performance of Canadian real estate stocks using sharpe's performance index: A comment
CB Cadsby
Managerial and Decision Economics 9 (1), 75-76, 1988
The Free Trade Agreement and the Canadian entrepreneur
CB Cadsby
The Entrepreneurship Development Review, 3-5 , 1988
Evaluating the performance of Canadian media and communications stocks using Jobson and Korkie significance tests
CB Cadsby, C Kisko
Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 1987
Exchange rate instability in a two-country portfolio balance model
CB Cadsby
Journal of Macroeconomics 9 (2), 223-238, 1987
Performance hypothesis testing with the Sharpe and Treynor measures: a comment
CB Cadsby
The Journal of Finance 41 (5), 1175-1176, 1986
Testing for parameter stability in a regression model with ar (1) errors
CB Cadsby, T Stengos
Economics Letters 20 (1), 29-32 3, 1986
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