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Jinuk Oh

Ph.D. Sessional Instructor
Department of Management
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Macdonald Hall, Room 217

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Dr. Oh is an active researcher in the field of organizational behavior and human resource management. His research goals are to understand (1) how best to minimize voluntary employee turnover and (2) the situational conditions that translate employees’ turnover intentions into turnover behavior. He is interested in roles of leadership and strategic human resource management practices as ways of minimizing voluntary employee turnover. His current research aims to develop a process model that examines the underlying mechanisms through which unit-level leadership induces the retention of employees. 

2020    PhD in Management

                University of Guelph

2013    MSc in Business Administration

                Ajou University, South Korea

2010    Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Arts, English Literature

                Ajou University, South Korea

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2019 Nomination for the Casey Cosgrove Teaching Award of Excellence

2019 LANG PhD Candidate Travel Grant

2019 Three-Minute Thesis Competition (3MT) University Finalist

2018 SSHRC GGSF Travel Grant

2018 CBE PhD Candidate Travel Grant

2018 Student Scholarship by the ILERA World Congress Committee

2017 CBE PhD Candidate Travel Grant

2016 Graduate Students' Association Travel Grant

2016 Board of Graduate Studies Research Scholarship

2015 Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Ontario Trillium Scholarship ($160,000)