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Kris Inwood

Professor of Economics
Department of Economics and Finance
Phone number: 
ext. 53536
MacKinnon (MCKN), Room 716

Areas of Specialization:  Economic History & Economic Development. Applications: long-term change, origins of health inequality and physical well-being, aboriginal demography, industrialization.

“Big Data and the Military: First World War Personnel Records in Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and British Africa”, Australian Historical Studies 47 (2016): 430-442, w. J. Andrew Ross.

“Reverse Assimilation?  Immigrants in the Canadian Labour Market During the Great Depression”, European Review of Economic History (2016) 20: 299-321, w. C.Minns, F.Summerfield.

“Health, Height and the Household at the Turn of the 20th Century”, Economic History Review 69 (2016): 35-53 w. R. Bailey & T. Hatton.

Lives in Transition: Longitudinal Analysis from Historical Sources (McGill-Queens UP, 2015) w P. Baskerville

“Transport Costs and Trade Volumes: Evidence from the Trans-Atlantic Iron Trade, 1870-1913”, Journal of Economic History 75 (2015): 95-124, w I. Keay

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