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Michele Bowring

Michelle Bowring
Associate Professor, Leadership & Organization; Graduate Coordinator, MSc Management and PhD Management (Organizational Leadeship Stream)
Department of Management
Phone number: 
ext. 52292
Macdonald Hall (MAC), Room 224

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Dr. Michèle Bowring has a PhD in Leadership Studies from the University of Leicester, a BA in Psychology from Queen's University at Kingston, Canada and an MBA from York University,/Université Laval (joint degree). She came to the Department of Management from the University of Leicester, where she was a member of academic staff for four years. Before that, she was a faculty member at the University of Manitoba where she taught Leadership, Strategy, Power and Politics and Research Methods to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Currently she is Graduate Coordinator for the MSc Management and the PhD in Management (Organizational Leadership stream), as well as a U of G Senator and member of the Senate Honours and Awards Committee. Previously, in additon to serving on a number of committees and the Research Ethics Board, she was responsible for the undergraduate Certificate in Leadership from 2009 to 2016 and served as Director of the MA (Leadership) program from 2011 to 2013.  At the University of Leicester she was First Year Tutor for four years and International Student Coordinator for two years.  At the University of Manitoba she chaired the School of Business PhD committee for three years and was a member of the Joint Faculty Research Ethics Board for three years.  She has served as principal advisor for two PhD students, committee member on a number of doctoral and qualifying committees and primary advisor for a number of Major Research Projects and theses as well as  as advisor/external committee member for a number of MSc students in Management, Nursing and Leadership.

Michèle has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students for over two decades.  She has also taught in executive programs and workshops with middle and upper-level managers.  Her approach to teaching involves engaging students and encouraging them to become active participants in their own learning.

Prior to pursuing an academic career Michèle worked in various managerial positions in corporate and retail banking.  She was also a licensed optician for a number of years.

  • PhD in Leadership and Organization Studies, University of Leicester
  • BA in Psychology, Queen's University
  • MBA, York University, Toronto and Université Laval (joint degree)

Michele was honoured with a nomination for the UGFA Distinguished Professor Teaching Award in 2016.

She was voted a Superstar member of Academic Staff for her work as a personal tutor at the University of Leicester

Professor Bowring was honoured with the Asper School of Business Associates Award for teaching excellence in 2001 and was the invited keynote speaker at the Asper MBA part-time students annual graduation dinner in 2005. 

She has also been nominated for several other teaching awards over the years.

Michele's research program focuses on leadership and identity, more specifically visible and non-visible minority identities.  She has published and presented papers on the intersection of leadership and gender, sexuality and diversity in the workplace. She is currently working on a project examining discrimination and gender as well as one examining the effects of leader disclosure of non-visible elements of identity.  She was also Principal Investigator on an OMAFRA grant entitled "Enhancing Collaboration by Building Leadership Capability in the Food Value Chain".

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