Visiting Speaker Seminar - Lulli Guglielmo, University of Milano-Bicocca | Gordon S. Lang School of Business and Economics

Visiting Speaker Seminar - Lulli Guglielmo, University of Milano-Bicocca

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MacKinnon 318


Title: "An integer optimization framework for dynamic resource allocations" Abstract: Many decision problems can be cast as dynamic resource allocation problems, i.e., they can be framed in the context of a set of requests requiring a complex time-based interaction amongst a set of available resources. For instance scheduling, one of the classic problem in Operations Research, belongs to this class. For this class of problem we present a new optimization framework. The framework a) allows modeling flexibility by incorporating different objective functions, alternative sets of resources and fairness controls; b) is widely applicable in a variety of problems in transportation, services and engineering; and c) is tractable, i.e., provides near optimal solutions fast for large-scale instances. To justify these assertions, we model and report encouraging computational results on three widely studied problems - the Air Traffic Flow Management, the Aircraft Maintenance Problems and Job Shop Scheduling. Finally, we provide several polyhedral results that offer insights on its effectiveness.

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