PSEER Speaker Series welcomes Dr. Matthew Demers

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Summerlee Science Complex 1511


The PSEER Speaker Series - Large Scale Successes: Winning Strategies for Big Classes - welcomes Dr. Matthew Demers, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. 


Early Semester Testing in Mathematics and the Student Perspective


Early Semester "Warmup" Tests have been used in some first and second-year mathematics courses at the University of Guelph since Fall 2014.  Warmup Tests are low-stakes individual assessments written in Week 1 or 2 of the semester in order to evaluate a student's readiness for the upcoming course, focusing primarily on fundamental material from prerequisite courses.  These tests have already proven to be reliable predictors of the overall performance of students in terms of their final grade.  What, however, is the student perspective on these assessments?  In the past two years, a survey was administered to Math*1200 students ahead of the Warmup Test in order to gauge student feelings about this assessment, and their feelings about mathematics in general.  Here, we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of offering Warmup Tests, and cover some of the interesting survey results to gain some insight into the point of view of the typical student.

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