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Dave Wolyn pictured with young asparagus sprouts.

Stalk Market Success

The Research Innovation Office is very pleased to announce that the winner of the 2019 Innovation of the Year prize is the U of G Asparagus Breeding program led by Professor Dave Wolyn, a plant geneticist in the Department of Plant Agriculture. Known for his work with asparagus and Russian dandelions, Wolyn and his team began their work on optimizing a breed of asparagus ideal for cold, northern climates in the 1980’s. The Millennium Asparagus breed that resulted from these efforts is the most popular breed being grown in North America.

Gryphon with "Innovation of the Year Award: Accepting Nominations"

Innovation of the Year Award

The University of Guelph has a long tradition of innovative research with real-world applications. The results can be found on farms, in labs, and even at the ice cream counter. Almost 100 years ago, Dr. Charles Zavitz developed cereal grains that benefited dairy farmers. Just over 50 years ago, Dr. Garnet Johnston developed the popular Yukon Gold potato, and recently Prof.

Good Business Sense Helps Put Research on the Market

Original Post: Good Business Sense Helps Put Research on the Market


Vaccine licence a “win-win” for University and industry

By age 17, he was buying and selling stocks. That’s also when he began buying and fixing up cars for resale, starting with a 1972 Gremlin — without a door — that he bought for $50.

Vaccine Machine

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May/June 2014 | By ROBERTA STALEY

Carbohydrate chemist Mario Monteiro develops vaccines to thwart pathogenic bacteria. His latest challenge may be his biggest yet — creating a vaccine to fight the gastric bugs that cause havoc in the lives of autistic children.

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