Research with any amount of cannabis must be conducted under a valid Research license issued by Health Canada. This may be accomplished by conducting the research either:

  • at the site of another licensee whose license type permits the type of research proposed e.g. research involving cultivation conducted on the site of a person with a Cultivation License (Standard or Micro-Cultivation), under the terms and conditions of their license; or
  • under a University of Guelph Cannabis Research permit in accordance with an institutional University Cannabis Research License issued by Health Canada. This institutional license for the Guelph Campus is currently pending review and approval by Health Canada. This is expected in summer 2020.

As the University transitions to a campus-wide license and internal permitting system, Principal Investigators may continue to work under individual research licenses issued for their particular program. Due to regulatory requirements, cannabis research to be conducted at sites other than the Guelph Campus will require a separate Cannabis research license (e.g. research stations, Ridgetown, or multi-site studies).

CRA Licensing and Reporting - Note that if the research involves production of cannabis it must be included in the University’s Cannabis License issued by CRA with monthly reports submitted accordingly.

Please refer to the following guideline for more information. Further information and documentation related to the physical security requirements and internal permitting will be available following regulatory review and approval of the institutional license.


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