CAF Mission Statement

It is our desire to provide leadership, service and support in the field of laboratory animal science through education, diligence and co-operative involvement, while aspiring to provide the highest standards of animal care and welfare.

Objective 1: To provide superior animal care


  • Provide a clean, disease-free environment in which the physical, social and psychological needs of the animals are met and exceeded.
  • Consider and care for animals on an individual basis to optimize their health and welfare.
  • Improve animal care standards through assessment and revision, utilizing open dialogue and education to inspire similar goals in others.

Objective 2: To provide investigators and instructors with the support they require to create the highest quality academic and research environment


  • Provide highly skilled and knowledgeable staff to assist investigators in their endeavours.
  • Provide assistance to investigators in balancing the parameters of their research with the Animal Care Policy and Procedures of the University of Guelph.
  • Work in co-ordination with investigators, to create a research environment that promotes animal welfare.

Objective 3: To teach and promote the ethical use and management of animals in research


  • Provide educational opportunities for all participants in the animal care and use programme at the University of Guelph.
  • Act as a central resource to members of the University of Guelph community on matters of animal research and welfare.
  • Promote public awareness and understanding of the animal care and use programme at the University of Guelph.


February 15, 2003