Strategic Programs

We offer professional services and resources to save researchers time and make University of Guelph strategic applications and nominations more competitive.   

Strategic programs include institutional programs (e.g. the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Canada Research Chairs); major funding programs (e.g. the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade; Canada First Research Excellence Fund); and, honours and awards (such as Royal Society of Canada and the University Research Excellence Awards and Leadership Chairs).

Proposal and nomination development

  • Grant development workshops
  • Resources
    • We offer guides, checklists, templates, and samples to save you time and enhance the competitiveness of your application.
  • One-on-one consultation
    • We connect you to relevant on-campus experts and/or consultants to assist with grant-writing, knowledge mobilization planning, project planning. 
  • Panel consultations
    • We organize formal panels of faculty and other experts to provide early-stage input from multiple perspectives, scientific and operational.
  • Coordination of support materials
    • We request and organize letters of support 

Proposal and nomination review and processing

  • Scientific Review
    • We solicit internal and/or external scientific reviews of draft applications
  • Strategic and administrative review and processing 
    • We review draft applications against program criteria, suggesting changes to strengthen the narrative.  
    • We check final drafts to ensure completeness
    • We facilitate authorizing signatures as needed and submit complete applications to the sponsor
  • Advisory Committee Review and Selection
    • We organize formal committees of faculty and other experts to evaluate proposals or nominations and to make recommendations to the Vice-President, Research

Post-Award Processing and Reporting 

  • Account Authorization
    • We obtain confirmation of certifications (Animal Care, Ethics, etc.) and authorize the establishment of research accounts by Research Financial Services  
  • Agreements
    • We review and negotiate inter-institutional and sponsor agreements 
  • Reporting
    • We process researcher progress reports and produce institutional reports to meet sponsor requirements 


Ailsa Kay, Manager, Strategic Programs
Office of Research Services, UC 437
519-824-4120 x58321

Officer, Strategic Programs
Office of Research Services, UC 437
519-824-4120 x56927