Computing and Communications Services Records

Information Details


Computing & Communications Services

Information Maintained

Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, student number, employee number, password, contracts or agreements, financial information. 


To create and maintain telephone, internet and e-mail accounts for students, faculty and staff, to produce long distance reports and bills.


Computing & Communications Services staff.

Individuals in Bank

Students, employees.


Information Systems and Records Management


Legal Authority

University of Guelph Act (sections 11 & 13), 1964.

Retention and Disposal

Telephone records: 1 year then confidential destruction. ResNet (student residence internet): 1 year then confidential destruction. Campus LDAP Directory student records: 1 year after graduation or 2 consecutive semesters after last attendance then confidential destruction. Employee records: 1 semester after employee leaves the University then confidential destruction.