FIPPA Exemption Chart

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA)

Note: FIPPA does not apply to certain archival records; certain labour relations and employment  records; and research and teaching materials of an employee or associated person of a university or college. – Section 65 

Summary of FIPPA Mandatory and Discretionary Exemption Chart

Section Exemption Type of Exemption Public Interest Override (s.23)
10 Frivolous and Vexatious Request Discretionary No
12 Cabinet Records Mandatory No
13 Advice to Government  Discretionary Yes
14 Law Enforcement Discretionary No
14.1 Remedies for Organized Crime Discretionary No
14.2 Prohibiting Profiting from Crime Discretionary No
15 Relations with other Government Discretionary Yes
16 Defence Discretionary No
17 Third Party Information Mandatory Yes
18 Economic & Other Interests of Ontario Discretionary Yes
18.1 Closed Meetings Discretionary No
19 Solicitor-Client Privilege Discretionary No
20 Danger to Safety or Health Discretionary Yes
21 Personal Privacy Mandatory Yes
21.1 Fish and Wildlife Species at Risk Discretionary Yes
22 Published Information Discretionary No
49 Personal Information Discretionary No
67(2) Confidentiality Provisions in Other Acts (which prevail over the FIPPA) Mandatory No