Procedure for Policy 1.1 - Policy on Establishing University Policies and Procedures

The official version of this procedure is housed with the University Secretariat.  In the event of a discrepancy, the official version will prevail. Click here for a printable version of this procedure.

Parent Policy: 1.1 Policy on Establishing University Policies and Procedures
Approving Authority: Board of Governors and Senate
Responsible Office: University Secretariat
Responsible Officer: University Secretary
Original Approval Date: February 5, 2018
Most Recent Revision Date: N/A
Previous Revisions: N/A

1. Development and Revision of University Policies

1.1. All new and amended University Policies must be in a format shown on Appendix A.

1.2. Proposals for new University Policies or amendments to existing University Policies will be initiated by the Responsible Officer or by the Responsible Office in consultation with the Responisble Officer and other offices as appropriate.

1.3. Individuals, bodies or groups who perceive the need for the development of a new University Policy or the revision of an existing University Policy should contact the anticipated or named Responsible Officer, who will decide whether to develop or review the University Policy.

1.4. When the Responsible Officer elects to begin the development or revision of a University Policy, the Responsible Officer will notify the University Secretary and the Office of Legal Counsel.

1.5. The Responsible Officer will assign an individual or team (usually consisting of or including the Responsible Office) to carry out the development or review of a University Policy, which may include the following steps:

1.5.1. Identify relevant legislation and policy;

1.5.2. Collect and analyze pertinent information;

1.5.3. Determine, in conjunction with the University Secretary, who ought to be consulted and conduct these consultations as appropriate;

1.5.4. Draft a preliminary University policy, and associated Procedures where applicable, that meet the criteria set out in herein and revise the draft as necessary during the consultation process;

1.5.5. Submit the draft to the University Secretary, who will provide feedback to the individual or team carrying out the review;

1.5.6. Make the draft available to the University community through the University Secretariat for comment, if appropriate; 

1.5.7. Finalize the draft and submit the final draft to the Responsible Officer so that the Responsible Officer may recommend it for approval.

1.6. The Responsible Officer will submit the final draft to the University Secretary, who will submit the proposed new or revised University Policy and associated Procedures, if any, for approval to the appropriate Approving Authority.  

2. Development and Revision of Procedures Associated with University Policies

2.1. When a University Policy is developed or reviewed, the related Procedures, if any, will be developed or reviewed simultaneously and the process in section 1 of this document will be followed.  

2.2. University Policies provide governing principles and are intended to change infrequently, whereas Procedures articulate the method by which a University Policy is carried out and may need to change more frequently.  When Procedures are developed or reviewed at times other than those described in section 2.1 above, the Responsible Officer will assign an individual or team (normally to include the Responsible Office) to:

2.2.1. Draft the Procedures;

2.2.2. Conduct consultations as appropriate and revise the draft as necessary during the consultation process; 

2.2.3. Submit a draft of the Procedures to the University Secretary for review; and

2.2.4. Submit the final draft of the Procedures to the Responsible Officer so that he or she may approve them. 

2.3. The Responsible Officer will submit the final draft to the University Secretary who may notify the Approving Authority of the change(s) to Procedure.

3. Approved University Policies and Procedures

3.1. Once a University Policy and associated Procedures, if any, have been approved, the University Secretary will:

3.1.1. Advise the Responsible Officer of the Approving Authority's decision;

3.1.2. Assign the Univeristy Policy a number and classification according to the following functional classification system:

  • University
  • Academic
  • Government Relations & Communications
  • Advancement
  • Finance
  • Administration & Risk
  • Research
  • Board of Governors
  • Senate

3.1.3. Maintain a record of the current, enforceable version of the University Policy and Procedures;

3.1.4. Publish copies of the University Policy and Procedures and make those records available to the university community;

3.1.5. Maintain a record of the initial approval of a University Policy and Procedures and of all subsequent substantive and editorial changes.

3.2. The Responsible Officer will communicate the approval of new or revised University Policies and associated Procedures to the Univeristy community as appropriate.

4. Rescindment of Univeristy Policies and Procedures

4.1. A Univeristy Policy or Procedures may be rescinded at any time, subject to approval by:

4.1.1. The Approving Authority, in the case of a University Policy; or

4.1.2. The Responsible Officer, in the case of Procedures. 

5. Mandated Periodic Review of University Policies and Procedures

5.1. The University Secretary will set a cyclical schedule for the mandated review of all University Policies and Procedures:

5.1.1. The University Secretary will advise the Responsible Officer of the schedule for mandated review of a particular University Policy and related Procedures.

5.1.2. In cases where a University Policy undergoes a substantive review outside the regular review cycle, the mandated review date should normally be reset at the standard number of years following the review.  

5.2. The Responsible Officer for a University Policy will:

5.2.1. Initiate and direct the mandated reviews according to the steps set out in these Procedures;

5.2.2. Recommend revisions when warranted;

5.2.3. Report to the President, through the University Secretary, on the outcomes of the review;

5.2.4. As part of a review, the Responsible Officer and Responsible Office may be examined in order to determine if it is still the correct place for the policy to be housed.  If it is determined that the Responsible Officer or Responsible Office should change then both the new area and the old area will be included review process as described in section 1.4 of these Procedures.