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Research Methodology Workshop: Qualitative Comparative Analysis

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Macdonald Hall, Room 232


Could your research be strengthened with another research perspective and method? Join fellow faculty and graduate students for a lecture and case study session exploring theQualitative Comparative Analysis research methodology (QCA), with guest lecturer Dr. Jim Denford, associate professor and Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Royal Military College of Canada, and Dr. Nadège Levallet, assistant professor in the School of Hospitality, Food and Tourism Management.

Why attend? If you are interested in learning about methods to examine organizational phenomena that are complementary to existing research methods, this workshop is for you. 

In the lecture, you will learn more about qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) as an innovative research approach that originated in sociology and political science 30 years ago but has been adopted at an ever-increasing rate by management scholars in the last decade. QCA is a configurational approach that seeks to identify “recipes” or combination of conditions that are associated with an organizational outcome.

In the case study session, Dr. Denford and Dr. Levallet will walk through a research example to demonstrate how configuration-based QCA can be used to complement correlation-based methods to draw a more complete picture of complex organizational phenomena. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct basic analyses using a well-known QCA software.


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