Undergraduate Programs

Discover your interests and learn in a supportive, inclusive community.

Welcome to undergraduate studies in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Guelph. You will have immense opportunities to discover your passions, learn skills and advance knowledge in STEM fields, and explore career opportunities alongside a connected community with a feel that is uniquely 'Guelph'. We are proudly home to immensely supportive faculty and staff, unique student success resources, and a vibrant U of G community. 

Study Computing

Today’s world of computing extends human knowledge and solves problems in business, science, education, and entertainment. Gain the skills needed through computer science or software engineering courses alongside an area of specialization to give you comprehensive skills in in-demand areas. Areas of emphasis can include biology, business, psychology, and more!

Study Engineering

As a U of G engineering student, it will be you who improves the world, amplifies human capabilities and makes people’s lives safer and better. Ask our students what they love most about studying engineering here and most will tell you the tight-knit community is unlike any other and the cross-disciplinary learning opportunities that span their degree provide a unique learning experience.

Study Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Not sure if your passions lie in theoretical physics or toxicology? Perhaps you thought you wanted to nanotechnology, but now you've realized the unique power of mathematics and statistics when applied to real-world problems? Our Bachelor of Science majors are flexible. With a common first year, introductory courses will enable you to explore and find where your passions lie.

The University of Guelph is one of Canada's leading postsecondary institutions, ranked number one in Canada for student satisfaction and number four for comprehensive schools*. Our physical sciences majors offer you access to some of the world’s most respected research scientists and educators, as well as outstanding research and teaching facilities. These majors prepare students for entry into professional programs, graduate programs, and the pursuit of dynamic, in-demand careers tackling the biggest challenges and opportunities facing our world.

*Maclean's: Canada's best comprehensive universities: Rankings 2021

Why Choose the University of Guelph

Exciting Careers

Our College provides top-tier learning and research opportunities in some of the most in-demand fields of our time, spanning science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Vibrant Community

We are home to a welcoming, diverse community with exceptionally supportive faculty and staff. Our students create meaningful connections that last long after graduation.

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Financial Support

Our College offers a wide variety of bursaries, scholarships and awards funded in part by alumni and donors. In 2019-20, CEPS provided nearly $7 million in student funding.

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