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Today's computing technologies extend human knowledge and solve problems in business, science, entertainment and education. The possibilities are limitless for technologies that so closely parallel the way we think, imagine and create.

Study computing at the University of Guelph and become connected to a community of students that are deeply passionate about bettering the world through today's and tomorrow's technologies. Our faculty are known for their expertise in computing technologies, and will support your growth at U of G.

Bachelor of Computing General(B.Comp)

As a Bachelor of Computing student, you can make your degree as unique as your interests by selecting an area of application, and pushing your thinking and creativity to new levels.

Our Bachelor of Computing degree offers the unique opportunity to study a secondary subject of interest, to which your knowledge in computing will be applied. This Area of Application gives students the knowledge and experience that is comprehensive and desirable to employers. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enrol in courses that are driven by the current research interests of our diverse faculty.

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Computer Science Major and Co-op (B.Comp)

Help explore problems, build innovative computing solutions, and contribute to the evolution of technology. As a Computer Science student, you will be provided with a theoretical foundation in computer science, as well as a practical experience in software development and an introduction to hardware. You will explore pressing computer science issues, from large system software development to emerging technologies. You will focus on programming and the theory of computation, and be given plenty of flexibility in selecting computer science electives that fit your interests, such as Computational Intelligence, Computer Security, Game Programming, and Human Computer Interaction.

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Software Engineering Major and Co-op (B.Comp)

Contribute to innovative and cutting-edge software design. As a Software Engineering student, you'll be given a strong foundation in computer science concepts, you'll focus on team-based software development and professional standards. You'll gain an excellent background in design and development, as well as the implementation and the evolutions of software. Your soft skills such as communication and teamwork will be enhanced and strengthened. You will have a unique opportunity to take courses on different aspects of software engineering, including design methods, team interactions, communications and managing real-world software engineering projects.

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student headshot

Sooraj Modi

Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science)

When I was first applying to University programs, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. I knew I liked working on problems, so I picked Computer Science since those skillsets aligned with my interests. I’m so glad I did – the degree has been such a great experience for me. I came in not knowing anything about computer science, and now I’ve interned with Bell and am learning about things like artificial intelligence. The sense of community is also phenomenal – every week we’re running community events and technical events. Everyone here – faculty and staff – want you to succeed. I’ve really valued this experience and grown from it.

Suggested careers for Bachelor of Computing graduates:

  • Software developer
  • Game programmer
  • Mobile application developer
  • Web infrastructure developer
  • User experience designer
  • Systems architect

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Exciting Careers

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We are home to a welcoming, diverse community with exceptionally supportive faculty and staff. Our students create meaningful connections that last long after graduation.

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