Research Areas

Listed below are the main research areas of our Graduate Faculty:

Artificial Intelligence
Faculty: L. Antonie, N. Bruce, D. Calvert, A. Dehghantanha, R. Dara, D. Flatla, G. Grewal, A. Hamilton-Wright, S. Kremer, C. Obimbo, S. Scott, F. Song, D. Stacey, F. Wang, M. Wineberg

Faculty: R. Dara, A. Dehghantanha, H. Khan, X. Lin, C. Obimbo

One Health
Faculty: A. Hamilton-Wright, D. Gillis, R. Dara, D. Calvert

Data Science
Faculty: L. Antonie, Calvert, R. Dara, D. Gillis, G. Grewal, A. Hamilton-Wright, P. Matsakis, C. Obimbo, F. Song, D. Stacey

Human Computer Interaction
Faculty: D. Flatla, D. Gillis, H. Khan, J. McCuaig, S. Scott, M. Wirth

Faculty: A. Hamilton-Wright, S. Kremer

Applied Modeling and Theory
Faculty: D. Calvert, P. Matsakis, C. Obimbo, J. Sawada

Hardware and Distributed Systems
Faculty: G. Grewal